YU Lounge

YU Lounge

YU Lounge offers the ultimate luxury for discerning travellers upon departure and arrival. A VIP service for those travelling on the world’s premium airlines or their private jets.

YU epitomises the quintessential travel experience

YU: It is all about you...



YU: Your moment of intimacy


Indulge in our world of pampered comfort whilst our team members look after your check-in and departure formalities. The YU menu focuses on deep flavor, unique preparation and enticing presentation. Our hospitality reflects today’s contemporary sensibilities.

YU: Out of this world…


Welcome to the YU sanctuary; the hustle and bustle of an airport will seem so far remote. Encapsulate yourself in a cocoon of peace and tranquility, space and comfort coupled with simple luxury. Keep some time for yourselves and let our trained team members attend to your children in a safe environment.

YU: Your oasis of peace…


At YU, handling the needs of premium travellers who request elegance and modern convenience is our daily quest. Receive your guests, conduct your business, create networks, build relationships and close deals at the YU Lounge.


YU Lounge Mauritius: resa.mru@yulounge.com

YU Lounge St Kitts: resa.skb@yulounge.com

Visit us at http://www.yulounge.com

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