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Port-Louis, Thursday 24 February 2022 - French singer Christophe Maé and his family recently spent ten days in Mauritius and it was rich in colours, flavours and encounters.

The singer and his family love our island and they don't fail to say it on social media. Not only was this their seventh visit, but Mauritius was the last country they visited before the pandemic, and the first since the changes in travel rules. In fact, Christophe Maé shared that Mauritius is his favourite destination to recharge his batteries before touring.

In line with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority's current campaign, "#MauritiusNow. It's time to discover", one of the angles of the marketing of the destination is to make the VIPs (artists, sportsmen, influencers, and others) discover different facets of the country, as much as possible. Indeed, it is important to create and capitalise on such opportunities so that these personalities from our key markets can discover more of the multiple facets of the Mauritian destination: our cuisine inspired by several continents, our rich heritage, the meeting of cultures, our local artists, the various sustainable tourism initiatives, or even places that are off the beaten track, in addition to traditional sites.

As a fan of our country and a member of the "Friends of Mauritius", Christophe Maé is delighted to be one of our spontaneous "ambassadors". During his stay, the singer was able to exchange with and/or listen to several local artists. These interactions allowed him to discover, among others, the group "Anonym" which he would like to highlight as the opening act for one of his shows in France. This interest of the French singer for the local scene in general and for the participation of the group "Anonym" in his show in particular, will bring great opportunities to make Mauritius shine among its thousands of fans.

The MTPA welcomes this increased interest of the French singer for local talents and the Mauritian scene and will support this first initiative as much as possible.

Christophe Maé is also planning to come back in early 2023 for a concert in our country, with the participation of local artists as support act.

The family left for the South of France a few days ago, with the promise to return soon.


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