Miss Suisse Romande - currently in Mauritius

The beautiful Miss Suisse Romande, Julie Aubry, who is of Mauritian origin, currently spends her holidays in Mauritius.

Next to the valuable time with her grandparents she is enjoying and visiting many different attractions and unique places on the island. In cooperation with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) the Swiss Luxury and Lifestyle Magazine «SeMarier» accompanies this trip, to report about her holidays in her country of origin.

«Yes, my mom is Mauritian and I am very happy to have my grandparents here, who live in Quatre-Bornes. I came several times to Mauritius, when I was a child. What has not changed is, that I still love going to the beach. What is even better now, is that I can explore the island, discover beautiful sites and visit nice places in the evening as well. I try to benefit as much as possible from the fascinating landscapes, for the maximum of relaxation. This makes me feel good» says Julie Aubry.

Besides a photo shooting in the wedding dress at the memorable Cap Malheureux Chapel, she will visit the Pamplemousses Garden, enjoy a day excursion to Trou aux Cerfs, view the Grand Bassin, visit the  coloured earth and taste rum. While making a tour through «La Route du Thé», she will be accompanied by the TV-crew NRJ12, which is currently in Mauritius for a documentary.

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