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Mauritius is the ideal destination for a beach holiday, but it also turns out to be a perfect playground for adventure-seekers with the countless activities available on land, in the water or in the air! There is a vast choice for both the most adventurous and those who want to try new experiences in a heavenly setting, taking a break from their routine.

The landscapes of the centre of the island, composed of mountains, rivers and gorges, provide an ultimate setting for extreme activities. Opt for quad biking in the savannah, canyoning in the gorges and rivers or zip-lining at Casela Park in the west, try hiking and swimming in the canyon at Domaine de Chazal or hop on the longest zip line of the Indian Ocean at La Vallée des Couleurs, thrills guaranteed!

If you need more adrenaline rush, go for the skydiving in the north! For those who are not ready to jump, but still have an adventurous soul, try flying over the southern region in a seaplane or on a helicopter ride to admire the breath-taking sceneries.

The mountains in Mauritius offer great adventures for those who are attracted by heights and give the opportunity to see the island from another point of view. The most popular mountains are Le Pouce with its thumb shape (811 meters high) and the Pieter Both, with a huge rock standing at the top, culminating at 820 meters. The climbing of the two mountains usually starts in Saint Pierre and it is recommended to be accompanied by guides. In the south, the impressive Le Morne Mountain is a call to adventure. The more you climb, the more the exceptional view of the ocean is revealed. The second part of the climb is more difficult and it is therefore recommended to complete it with an experienced guide for your safety.




On the central plateau, the forests of the Plaine Champagne region await you for more or less sporty hikes which are nevertheless accessible to all. Start at the Black River Gorges National Park in the west and take one of the many marked trails that lead to the central plateau to Pétrin, Macchabée and Mare aux Joncs. You will plunge into an extraordinary lush nature with relatively significant unevenness all along the tracks; sports persons and nature lovers will be delighted! Keep your senses awake to see and hear the numerous species that inhabit these forests – endemic birds such as the Pink Pigeon, the Paradise Flycatcher, the Mauritian parakeet and the macaques and wild boars…

An underground expedition awaits you at Roches Noires in the caves formed by successive lava flows. They are not huge, but are definitely to have on your itinerary. Several caves, or rather lava pipes, are accessible from Roches Noires and Rivière du Rempart with names such as the La Cave Madame or Princess Margaret. You will come across swifts and bats nesting there or fish in little ponds formed inside some of the cavities. The visit of these caves and pipes however requires the supervision of a guide to ensure your safety.





After the heights and the land, live the adventure in water! Fans of surfing, kitesurfing and diving will be delighted. Mauritius is recognised worldwide for its surfing spots. The most popular for experienced surfers and kite surfers are in the south-east and west/south-west regions, such as the famous One Eye at Pointe du Morne or Cap Dal in Tamarin. Surf and kite schools are located in these regions for those who hear the call of adventure! Parasailing is also an exciting activity suspended above the sea.

Scuba diving also attracts many divers to Mauritius. With more than 150 spots listed around the island, amateurs and professionals have an extraordinary choice. Each region has its specificities in terms of landforms and fauna and flora. Some areas are home to more stranded ships than others such as the East and South-East, while around the northern islands you can come across hammerhead sharks among other impressive marine creatures, and in the West you will certainly see dolphins and rays, and with some luck, the sperm whales, which usually roam not too far from the coasts. The underwater adventure is also accessible to those who do not practise scuba diving. Anyone can do snorkelling and the marine parks of Balaclava and Blue Bay are perfect for that, and even try the adventure in a submarine in the north of Mauritius.

A night stay in an unusual accommodation could be an adventure for many… A night in a comfortable eco-tent in the heart of nature at the Domaine de Chazal, in a Bubble lodge in Bois Chéri or in one of the tents of Otentic Lodges in Deux Frères, is an experience to live absolutely. Get closer to nature, take the opportunity to observe the stars, safely.

Going on an adventure does not have the same meaning for everyone and Mauritius is full of experiences for all ages and levels of fitness. Above all, do not hesitate to get started, this is the perfect opportunity to surpass yourself and bring back home lasting memories from your holidays in Mauritius!


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