Mauritius, off the beaten path

Mauritius, off the beaten path

Mauritius, off the beaten path

Mauritius has much more to offer than just white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and sunshine all-year round… Step out of the hotel and experience the authentic Mauritian adventure off the beaten path, plunge into the island’s nature, immerse yourself in its culture and history, and discover its unique flavours!


Activities in the heart of nature

Green tourism is more and more practised in Mauritius. The island features a lot of beautiful natural sites that will appeal to eco-friendly and outdoor activities enthusiasts. Hikes can be done in the various parks and forests existing throughout the island, such as the Black River Gorges National Park in the west, which has several marked trails accessible to all levels, and Bras d'Eau forest in the East. Get immersed in the green forests while enjoying the encounter with the wildlife - the perfect place to recharge your batteries. 

Climbing is also an option, especially for the fittest. Several mountains can be accessed, such as Le Pouce Mountain in the centre of the island, and Le Morne in the south, with a breath-taking view on the west and southwest coasts as far as the eye can see. The most daring will have activities up to their expectations such as canyoning, an extreme sport practised along waterfalls and gorges in centre of the country, and always accompanied by qualified professionals. The promise of great moments in harmony with nature.

trekking   under-sea


Dive into the ocean

Your holidays in Mauritius would not be complete without having tasted the joys of the sea. Apart from the usual water activities, venture in the underwater world that guarantees fantastic experiences and encounters! The lagoons of the island are home to unique and colourful flora and fauna, you may come across one of the many shipwrecks that lay on the sea bed around the island, but little chance of finding a treasure! There are a number of options available to you, such as scuba diving with accredited diving centres, undersea walk or the submarine where you will feel like “20,000 Leagues under the Sea”… A magical world awaits you.


Horse Racing

Looking for an immersive experience in the heart of the Mauritian population? One of the things not to be missed, is the horse races at the Champ de Mars in Port Louis.  Discover one of the oldest traditions of the island on one of the oldest racetracks in the southern hemisphere. Horse races are very popular in Mauritius, for some people it is the opportunity to bet, and for others, to enjoy a family outing. In the middle of the track, where spectators are gathered, there are a variety of stalls for fun games and street-food. And why not bet a small amount on one of the horses, just for fun. On the other side of the track, near the stables, there are the lodges occupied by men elegantly dressed in suits, while the ladies have put on their most beautiful gowns, always with a beautiful hat, there is no way of departing from tradition! 

Make sure to follow the races themselves, you will feel the atmosphere quickly change around you. Follow the crowd, from the start, rather calm, changing rapidly to an electric ambiance as the horses approach the finish line!

horse-racing   outings


Cultural Discovery

Mauritius is a multicultural island where different communities and cultures originating from Africa, Asia and Europe live together. Take the time to immerse yourself in local life. Wander around the city or villages you will come across during your stay, stop to meet people and learn a little more about their culture and way of life. 

The richness of Mauritius is its traditions and the different religions that coexist in harmony and peace. The locals you meet will spontaneously share their history and culture with you. 


Heritage Regattas

Take a leap into the past with the regattas held throughout the year in the Mauritian lagoons. Sailing boats are less used today for fishing and going out to sea, compared to motor boats and luxury yachts, but they are still popular locally. Regattas are organised regularly, essentially in Mahebourg, to honour these boats with beautifully coloured sails that are part of the Mauritian heritage. It is a wonderful show that takes place on the water. The regatta is a celebration for all generations, both on board and on land, where the inhabitants seize the opportunity to promote local products and especially traditional local cuisine.

regatta   sky


Mauritius from the sky

Mauritius is as beautiful from above as it is on land or in the water. It is an amazing experience to live! You already have a glimpse as you approach the island by plane, in daylight. Several options are available to discover Mauritius from the sky, the Ultralight aircraft, the seaplane, or the helicopter ride on any part of the island. The more hesitant will be able to try the parasailing above the lagoon, while the more adventurous will get the thrill with the sky dive or paragliding! 

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