Medical Tourism

Are you planning for a medical surgery or treatment abroad? Mauritius is a destination to consider for medical tourism, from the surgical stage to your recovery phase in a stunning hotel. Mauritius is more and more sought after for cosmetic surgery, dental care and hair implants. Mauritius now offers state-of-the-art care and benefits from the expertise of recognised medical professionals in these fields; the island positions itself as a destination of choice for a quality health stay, under the sun. Medical packages are available, combining hospitalisation, care, air tickets and accommodation at the hotel. Nothing better than a few days in an idyllic island to recover from your surgery!

With care and needs changing rapidly, medical staff are constantly training and catching up with the latest techniques to provide the best possible care to patients. In addition, in Mauritius, all the accompanying staff involved in medical tourism are bilingual, English and French, which will ease communication during hospitalisation. Private clinics and medical centres are also equipped with modern equipment and facilities that meet international standards.

If you choose a more holistic approach and you only need to rejuvenate and get back in shape without going through the surgical stage, Mauritius is perfect for a wellness stay with several spas and centres offering a wide range of treatments to invigorate and get back on your feet. Some offer tailor-made bundles according to your needs and others feature pre-set packages during your stay in Mauritius, accompanied by coaches or even Ayurveda doctors in some cases.

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