No Active Covid-19 Cases in Mauritius

According to the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Mauritius has become coronavirus-free with no active case for the last 15 days. With less than 3% of the infected population, Mauritius is one of the countries in the Indian Ocean, where the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic has been controlled. In a health curfew for more than a month, Mauritius has contamination rate below the WHO forecasts and has recorded 332 coronavirus confirmed cases, 322 recoveries and 10 deaths. 

Resumption in certain public and private sectors has started as from 15th May 2020 until the lockdown will be lifted entirely on 1st June 2020. However, Mauritius continues to implement strict measures to avoid any further spread or second wave of the Coronavirus. The sanitary curfew will continue to be in force, as well as the wearing of masks in public places. The alphabetical order is maintained for shopping and for other businesses and services. 

Concerning public transport, strict guidelines and regulations have been taken for safer travel. Arrangements have been made to public transport operators to ensure the safety of the population for the services offered, such as hand sanitizer in buses, and people must continue to respect social distancing in order to minimise contact. Public and private employees can resume to their work with their Work Access Permits (WAP). 

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