How to get around

Do you want to take advantage of your holidays in Mauritius to explore the island? There are several ways to get around by car, with or without a driver, in a van or on a bike. Taxis are available outside the hotel or through the concierge, you can also opt for public transport as well.








If you want to discover the island by yourself at your own pace, the best thing is to rent a car, a scooter or a bicycle, depending on the distance to travel, and to bring a map or a GPS. The rental prices are quite affordable. Always keep in mind that driving is on the left-hand side in Mauritius, and the priority is given to those coming from the right. Do not hesitate to ask people on the road if you do not find your way!


Local tourist operators can organise excursions across the island and sea trips to the islets surrounding Mauritius; the journey will be done by bus or car depending on the number of people. Taxis also offer day packages to visit different regions, above normal trips. Taxis are found at the hotel, at the airport and on the various dedicated parking areas in towns and villages, close to the bus stations.

Public transport

Those who want to immerse themselves in Mauritian life and make encounters, try at least once to travel by bus. Almost all the main routes of the island are served by the different bus companies operating in Mauritius. In town, the operating hours are from 5:30 am to 8:30 pm and in rural areas from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. Before going out, check the operating hours of the buses in the region at the reception or with your host.


A helicopter ride will be perfect for a more special trip. Besides the tours to see Mauritius from above, the companies operating in Mauritius, Air Mauritius and Corail Helicoptères, offer the airport/hotel/airport route, provided that the resort in which you are staying has a helipad.

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