Legionnaire’s disease detected through testing at a hotel in Mauritius

The health authorities have been informed last week that some guests who visited  Mauritius in 2022 were diagnosed of  legionnaire’s disease on their return home.

Tests have immediately been carried out in the relevant hotels and the results were positive only at Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort. Prompt corrective measures have been taken by the hotel under the supervision of the health authorities.

Experts have been called in to assist the relevant authorities and hotels to validate and enhance the protocols developed. It must be recalled that legionnaire’s disease is caused by bacteria found in fresh water and contamination occurs via inhalation from water systems. There is no human-to-human contamination.

The Ministry of Tourism and its agencies, the Tourism Authority and the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, as well as the health authorities are on standby and are closely monitoring the situation 

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